About Us

Hello, fellow travelers! Tom and I are taking off on an adventure around America’s Great Loop. We will be living on a boat circling the Eastern 1/3 of the US and Canada starting in Florida and heading North. Follow along as I attempt to document the good, the bad and, oh, yes, the FUN!

Julie is…a 1989 graduate of Northwest Missouri State University home of the Fighting Bearcats (national champs in football too many years to count). After being a stay at home mom for several years, she returned to school and became an RN. She is now retired after working for Mercy in Springfield for the past 7 years. She agreed to take on these shenanigans after Tom convinced her of all the FUN that would be had along the way. She is a HUGE Mizzou football fan by marriage and has enjoyed coaching and yelling from the stands.

Tom is… a retired mortgage banker who sold his business in 2018 after successfully operating it for 22 years. As a University of Missouri graduate, he is a HUGE fan and has held season football tickets for 40+ years. He enjoys playing golf, pickle ball, kayaking, and is an expert at various bar games. He has kayaked the MR340 race that spans the Missouri River from Kansas City, KS to St. Charles, MO in 2014, 2015, and 2018. His favorite food group is seafood and I’m pretty sure this played a large role in his decision to start this whole business.

We have two adult kiddos. Nick, 26, is living and working in Kansas City for Sporting Kansas City Soccer. Nick graduated from MU in 2016 and keeps us thoroughly informed about sports of all kinds.

Hannah is 23 and is a 2019 graduate of the University of Tulsa. She is currently working as a pod cast producer in LA and has been a huge help in setting up this blog.

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