My First Blog post

Session 1

Not all who wander are lost.

— J. R.R. Tolkien

Happy Fall! Since we are taking this week to make our final preparations to shove off, I thought I would take advantage of this quiet moment to complete my first post.

We are busy making arrangements to leave the house for almost three weeks. Figuring out what to do with the plants, holding the mail, getting bills set up online, shopping, packing, etc. will keep us running until Monday, November 11th, when we head to Kentucky Lake. The goal is to get the boat to Panama City as soon as we can to get some work done. We hope to get it into shape in December so that we can play on it in Florida during the winter months. Does that officially make us snow birds?

Tom has added a map that we can update so you’ll be able to track our progress. We’ll include pictures and an occasional link when the mood strikes. I don’t plan to post every day but hope to be somewhat consistent as we move or find something or someone of particular interest to share.

Blogging is NEW to me, so if I misspell a word or use incorrect grammar (YIKES!), be gentle with me and be forewarned: There are days when the words flow freely, and other days where I will compose on a 3rd grade level.

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  1. Those people must be crazy. Dont they know it is freezing cold now in Kentucky.


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