Session 6-Aaandd, we’re back!

This post will be a tad lengthy as we have some catching up to do. It won’t hurt my feelings if you skim through the slower parts—and I’ll let you decided which ones are the slower parts. Anyhoo, welcome back! We’ve had a long relaxing holiday vacation at home and are now back on Therapy. We have returned to some nice cosmetic work and a few mechanical repairs-minus the air conditioner in the main salon. I think we’ll manage. We’re still waiting on a sofa and chair-and-a-half but I will add those pictures when we get them. 

Below are some before and after pictures for your enjoyment.

Old white carpet on left-new on the right

While we were back at the ole homestead, our Kansas City Chiefs decided to whip themselves into a Super Bowl team. I believe it’s safe to say that the whole state of Missouri is currently in a Chiefs-lovin’ frenzy. We were decked out in our red and gold for our flights to Panama City and we had soooo many out of staters congratulating us. 

The trip from Panama City to Carabelle Florida stalled before it started with air in the fuel lines and drained batteries. Once we—meaning Tom—remedied the problem, we were on our way. We made it the 100ish miles with sunny skies, calm waters and several dolphin escorts. 

In Carabelle, we joined two couples we previously met at a Looper Rendevous. We motored with them across the gulf starting at 3:30 pm on the 26th traveling through the night hoping to arrive in Clearwater around 9:00 am on the 27th. Why—you ask—would one travel through the night across the gulf? Well, my friend, it all has to do with wind conditions, wave height, something called “fetch” and other general weather aspects. The powers that be watch these things carefully and advise boaters of the best day and time to cross. This works well a good bit of the time. 

The plan was hashed and re-hashed and we decided to go for it even though we were told that we would probably run into choppy waters around 0330 for a couple of hours. We did, but it didn’t bother me much as I had prepared myself with a sea sickness patch, nausea medicine at the ready and a Xanax just in case the other two failed. The combination of those medications “helped” me relax just enough to make it through the trip. Needless to say, I didn’t drive. I was more moral support in a sleepy, not caring fashion. However, Tom did GREAT!

While pulling into the marina at Clearwater, we bumped into one piling (a big pole for those who don’t speak nautical) and the dock because Tom and I were both sleep deprived and my docking directions were severely impaired. Alas, we are here and will be here for a week, maybe two. 

We caught up with still another boat, Alcyone, from Michigan, who we met just after we started out at Green Turtle Bay. They have been here for a couple of months as Todd had a little brain surgery for a subdural hematoma that they weren’t planning for. He is doing better and has started piloting the boat again, but what an adventure for them!

We were able to visit Tarpon Springs yesterday with our fellow Navigator boat friends, KT and Deborah Bowles. They escorted us through this cute little Greek village where sea sponge diving is the main attraction. We enjoyed baklava in a genuine Greek bakery. Life is good.

Deborah Bowles and me in Tarpon Springs. Check out the sponges!

While we will miss our friends and family, we plan to thoroughly bask in the sun and explore the different ports that Florida has to offer including St. Petersburg, Ft.Myers, maybe Naples, the Keys, and a trip to the Bahamas. We’ll just see where our curiosity takes us. Stay tuned.

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  1. I love living through your experiences! Enjoy!!


  2. Wow, how awesome!!! Sounds like an incredible adventure.

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  3. So the adventures begin!!! Have a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday! You will be terribly missed. Go Chiefs!
    PS. The changes on the boat look amazing. Great job!

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