Session 11-Back in Marathon

The first weeks of March have come and almost gone and everyone should be happy that we get an extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day. Well, that lasted a hot minute until the Corona virus hysteria erupted. 

Let me just say this about all that–go to or the NIH website and find out what you should do to lessen your chances of picking up ANY virus. Then turn off the news.

Moving on.

We sent our guests back to MO on Friday the 6th and proceeded to detox and work on some boat projects. Tom has fixed up our blown out speakers, the blinking lights in the cockpit, and the radio antenna that had rotting wires. 

He affixed a flag mount to the back of the boat so we can proudly fly Old Glory. The master bedroom tv mounting is next—eventually.

While we were still in Key West, we took a day to visit the Truman Little White House and thoroughly enjoyed it. The furniture, wallpaper, bedrooms and baths are the same today as when they were used by ol Harry and family. The whole tour was very interesting and we came away realizing that he really enjoyed his time there. Apparently, family members of any president can come stay any time they want. 

We took yet another day and drove up the Keys a bit just to explore. Found a lizard. They’re plentiful here. Saw some more beautiful water and pondered–for 30 seconds–what buying a house here would be like. 

We finally left for Marathon Key (yes again) on Thursday, March 12th. We’re working our way up towards Miami so as to take off for the Bahamas before they close it due to viruses. Also, there’s a big ol seafood festival planned for the weekend so guess who is all excited about that???

It took less than three hours and was mostly uneventful. I say “mostly” because sadly the Coast Guard has been on the lookout for a 73-year-old gentleman off the coast of Marco island since March 9. He was reported as being in the water and his boat was overturned but they haven’t been able to locate him. This happens from time to time and makes us very aware of how important safety really is. 

We’re planning to stay in Marathon for a week—give or take—but we’re on the other side of the island at Marathon Marina this time. Because we haven’t spoken to many Loopers the last few weeks, I am excited to chat it up with some before we go.

We already know where the good food is here—do I talk about food too much? Being familiar with such things sure has its advantages. 

On a final note, my sweet family made an appearance in my hometown newspaper The Bethany Republican Clipper. I submitted our adventure as a story idea and Mr. Conger ran with it. We made page 5. We won’t let the fame go to our heads. 

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  1. Cousins thanks for posting the great article. It answered some questions for me. God how beautiful the keys are. The water makes me want to speedo five, alas you would be horrified at all the scars. I didn’t even know there was a White house retreat there. Looks beautiful and interesting. Sue started a cold, no cvirus yet. How many gallons does Therapy hold?
    They are cancelling everything here including March madness. Even Disney. Colleges and public as well as all archdiocese Catholic schools. Just got word that Jeremy’s school has gone online. Guess we’ll have all four. Anyway anchors away and stay safe from ass pirates!


    • Ok, nobody wants to see that lol! We hold 175 gallons of water and 750 gallons of diesel. We are not watching tv but are aware of the hysteria. Tell Sue to get better and it looks as if you’re gonna have to put on your teacher hat for awhile. Good luck with that!


  2. Hoping they don’t cancel flights to Nassau … I’ll be swimming 😂😂


  3. Just catching up with all blogs today. Double WOW! Marathon suggestions: go to 7 Mile Grill for grouper sandwiches done 6 different ways; and, Key Colony Club and run into bunch of Springfield people.
    We just missed you in Naples first of March but back to cold now.
    Really enjoying the reports, keep it up.
    John C.


    • Thanks for the info. We have yet to hit 7 Mile or Key Colony, but may take your advice. We’ve eaten at Burdines, Steak and Lobster House and Key Fisheries. Glad you got to Naples and sorry your wether is stinky now. Stay well my friend!


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