Session 13-You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here.

Like everyone else in the world, we had a major change of plans this last week.  The closing of the Keys to non-residents and general uncertainty forced us to make the decision to head north. And head north we did.

We traveled on Sunday, March 22nd from Marathon Key up to Ft. Lauderdale. Seas were rougher than I like, but my trusty Relief Band helped keep me even keeled. 

The day before we left we took one last dinghy ride and buzzed around the different inlets of the island. We were fortunate enough to have an up-close encounter with several dolphins playing in the inlet. Now we see them a lot of the time, but that day they were really jumping out of the water and giving us a show. About the time we decided to turn around, a stingray jumped abut 3 feet out of the water. Are there pictures? No. I tried to capture them on video but my skills are not the best, so you’ll just have to use your imagination and take my word for it.

Upon our return to the dock in Marathon, we happened upon our new friends from the Bahama Star. Well, actually, it was just their boat anchored near our marina. They were not on board at the time and they are sorry that they missed us–at least that’s what they said.

This marina, Bahia Mar in Ft. Lauderdale, is home to some massive yachts. We feel pretty tiny in amongst them but it is fun to walk around and check them out.

Driving the A1A highway along the beach is surreal. No-one is allowed on the beach but people are walking, jogging, rollerblading, etc. along the walkway just this side of the beach. There are cruise ships anchored out a ways and I’m not sure why. We first noticed some on our way here and these two as we drove north.

Ft Lauderdale Beach -even the cruise ships are social distancing

Social distancing has been somewhat of a problem for me. I thoroughly enjoy girl time and miss everyone terribly. Thank goodness my friend Ginger arranged a virtual happy hour on Wednesday. We had to download Zoom to accommodate it. There were a few glitches but overall it was really good to see friendly faces and catch up with everyone. Come to think of it, I may have been the only one with a drink in my hand. Hmmm.

Otherwise I have been keeping myself busy either cleaning, watching Netflix and finishing my 12 Days of Christmas felt ornaments. These two belong to a collection of others and are decked out in Mizzou colors.

Our plan is to go home to Nixa to ride out this situation. We’ve rented a car and will take two days to drive it. We feel like this is the better option for us.

I have faith that once this is all over, we’ll all be more appreciative of who we have in our lives. If you know someone who’s been diagnosed with this virus, and we do, you know that it has been horrible for them. Thank God they are both home now and recuperating there.

I will just end by thanking those who have to work right now. Pray for them, for those who are sick, for those who are lonely and for a swift end to the spread of the virus. God bless!

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  1. Be Safe you two, drive carefully. Seems like we are ill impacted. Enjoy reading your blog. Lets talk once you are home and settled in.

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    • Hey Al, would you be surprised if I said our plans have, yet again, changed? We’re hanging tight in Ft. Lauderdale. We still may venture back to Nixa, but we’re not making any definite plans right now. It’s crazy and we’re just trying to ride it out. Let’s catch up soon!


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