Session 15-Back on Track-sort of

Aloha! Even though we are not in Hawaii, it’s fun to speak the language. Am I right? What else are you gonna do during these trying times?

The title of this session implies, and rightly so, that we are cracking on with our adventure. If you follow along and check out the MAP page, you’ll see we’ve safely landed in North Palm Beach, a mere 50 miles north of Ft. Lauderdale as of today, whatever the heck day it is (April 22).

We had an absolute beautiful day on the water with the weather hovering around 80 and a steady cool wind from the north (right in our face) blowing up to 15 mph. Traveling at an average of 7mph oohing and aahhing over gargantuan homes and yachts lined up along the shore on either side of us. We traveled at this speed because we traversed the Intracoastal Waterway and speed is fairly regulated there. This means that the 50 miles we covered took us 8 hours with one stop for gas along the way. On that note–how about those gas prices??? Not that anyone is going anywhere, but it sure does feel like a WIN!

We spent a month in Ft.Lauderdale without setting foot on the beach which was approximately 100 yards from where we were docked the entire time. While we couldn’t get on the beach, we could walk beside it each day along with several other people social distancing. We also explored various canals in the dinghy.

Just a couple of days ago we FINALLY met another looping couple, Mike and Mary from California. They have completed the loop at least once and are now having their boat shipped to Canada with a stop in Washington until the border opens back up. They are a lovely couple and it was nice to have a live chat with people standing in our presence–albeit at a safe distance.

Now, onto the photos. I promised cabin photos so you’ll get those along with extra Ft. Lauderdale pictures. Enjoy!

Because we’re taking longer than expected to explore Florida we’re getting a real feel for the areas we would like to re-visit as well as those places we probably don’t need to see again. It really is lovely here and we can see why sooo many people want to live/retire here.

in closing–some things that happened and/or that we learned while here are as follows:

  1. Our good friends made a full recovery from COVID-YAY!
  2. 17th Street Thai Sushi is really good-I think we ate there 4 times.
  3. After 3-4 attempts-we have the Zoom process down!
  4. There is an inordinate amount of money in Florida!
  5. Algae grows on the bottom of the dinghy-yuck.

We don’t plan to stay in North Palm Beach for long. We will probably move a bit north towards Stuart or Vero Beach in the next few days. Once we get close enough to Orlando, it’s a direct flight to Springfield. The option of going home for a bit is still in play.

Until my next post, ALOHA!

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  1. So happy for you both. Happy travels and stay safe


  2. Mahalo!!

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