Session 22-Not today, Isaias

On Saturday, July 25th we left Therapy at Jarrett Bay boatyard in Beaufort, NC to get the trim tabs fixed with the timeframe being “two to three weeks.” But, of course, hurricane Isaias put a bit of a crimp in the service department  at the boat yard. They spent a large amount of time moving boats out of the water in preparation for the storm.  Luckily, conditions were milder in Beaufort than in other places and the boat yard was spared as far as we know.

We opted to fly home due to the cost of staying in a hotel for two-three weeks as the Air BNB situation was slim to none in Beaufort. This gave us the opportunity to catch up with various yearly appointments and witness the demo of our master bath. It also gave me the chance to bake a batch of croissants, which were yummy!

It sort of seems like our Loop 2020 has been a series of stops and starts, but we’ll keep going until it gets too chilly for us to continue or the Covid threatens to shut us down again.

Once we return on August 15th, our goal will be to reach the Chesapeake Bay where we plan to spend the remainder of our Loop time this year. We understand that there are plenty of places to explore as well as places to store the boat for the winter.

Missouri has great sunsets too!

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  1. Looks like they are making progress on you bathroom!


  2. Jule. Make sure you get a hold of robin
    Or I as you come up the bay. We’re currently at Kent narrows, just north of the bridge.


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