Session 29-I (almost) missed Annapolis

Don’t worry. We made it to Annapolis. It’s just that I didn’t make it far off the boat.

I had been experiencing some back pain in Chestertown and it got significantly worse while docking in Annapolis Yacht Basin. 

I was so disappointed because the marina is right down in the historic district with plenty to do and see, but I could hardly move.

We tracked down a chiropractor who would see me at a moment’s notice, but she was unable to help much. I eventually ended up in the ER was medicated and sent home with a couple of prescriptions. Let me just say that I have gone through natural childbirth. This was a very close second to that.

Tom had the best idea to set me up in the hotel next to the marina so I wouldn’t have to navigate stairs all day. After two nights of that and just a little relief, we decided to make another quick trip home to see my chiropractor.

I am so glad we did. No-one knows your spine like the chiropractor that’s been keeping you in shape for 20 plus years. Dr. Witt took good care of me while I was home. While we were on the fence about whether I could even come back to the boat, he was able to fix me up enough to make it happen. I am so grateful.

Back in Annapolis, I was finally able to actually walk up Main Street—very slowly—but I did it.

Lots of great restaurants and shops clustered right near the yacht basin. You can hear live music during the day in the form of the Navy marching band practicing. Then at night on Thursday through Sunday, part of the street is closed down for open air dining. 

Our last full day in Annapolis was the day we signed up for an electric golf cart tour. Our driver was full of dates and names that I soon forgot but was very impressed to hear about at the time. 

He pointed out a grand house (The Charles Carroll House) where “All of the founding fathers slept at one time or another.” Now part of St. Mary’s Catholic School, the property was donated by the Carroll family. Charles Carroll was the ONLY Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence. Put that in the trivia part of your brain.

One particular highlight was meeting the man who piloted the helicopter that escorted Nixon away from the White House the day of his resignation. His name is John Astle. He is currently 83 years old and spent 24 years in Maryland’s state government. He is one of those guys that has a million stories and could keep you entertained for days. Look him up.

We also had a bit of a celebrity sighting once removed. Jimmy Buffett was in town. We happened to stop in at the restaurant where Jimmy and crew ordered takeout. I took a selfie with his order.  As we were leaving Annapolis, we passed his two boats. Apparently he was recording some music out there.

Winning Drive, the super yacht in the picture above (with our Chiefs flag in the foreground), belongs to the owner of the Baltimore Ravens. We were docked this close before, during, and after the day we kicked their tails. And yes, we flew our flag the whole time.

We left Annapolis on a cool, clear, gorgeous day Friday, October 9 making a quick trip to Herrington Harbor Marina in Deale, MD. This is where we will be pulling the boat out for the winter.

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  1. Well so sorry to hear about your back , but so glad you are better!! Love that you were so near jimmy buffett!!! Beautiful place!!! Safe travels!!! ❤️❤️❤️


  2. Back pain is the worst…so glad you are feeling better!


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