Session 31-Maryland’s not done with us yet

Hey there! How’s it going? Fantastic! Us? About the same. No, really. About the same.

During our last few days in Deale, we were joined by our nephew Ben who drove to Annapolis to meet us for dinner then back to spend a night on the boat with us. 

   We promptly put him to work helping Tom hook up the tv in our master cabin. This was AFTER Tom pulled out the old garbage disposal and installed a new one. It seemed as if the boat wasn’t quite ready to let us off that easy because the very next day, our shower sump pump stopped working—again. I think this was the third time we wrestled with that *#$! pump. You can see our previous attempt in Session 5. 

 We cruised into Baltimore on Wednesday, June 2nd which turned out to be a breezy, cool, beautiful day. We docked in the inner harbor with almost 360 degree views of the city.  The marina was fantastic, the views were fantastic, the weather—ehh. Lots of rain and then—lots of hotness.

As I sit here catching y’all up, Richard and his guys are on Therapy making repairs. Not that Richard–his human cousin. There’s only the slightest resemblance.

We are currently in Baltimore at Harbor East Marina where we’ve been since last Wednesday. Our short stay turned into a longer stay due to said repairs. If this sounds a bit dejavu to you, don’t fret. We seem to be experiencing our share of required repairs aboard and then making them again.

   While we are , once again, wrestling with the sump pump and an engine oil leak, we are staying put.  We’ve decided to pull out the whole sump pump system and replace it with something more substantial, which we had to order and are hoping to receive it in a timely manner (like that’s gonna happen). Until then, we shower in the very nice marina showers.

Spending more time in Baltimore Harbor has been far from a horrible tragedy. From the harbor, the views are gorgeous. The city has managed to combine the charm of the historic with the conveniences of today and furnish a splendid experience. I think the pictures so nicely tell the story of our surroundings over the last week—10 days—2 weeks—whatever it turns out to be.

 We’ve managed to find great food—shocking—I know, great service, visit the Aquarium and enjoy a bit of wildlife while here. Speaking of wildlife, how about them cicadas? Here in Baltimore, they’re out in full force either flying at your head or dying in the hundreds along the walkway—crunch! Um, how long will they be staying???

For now, the most recent plan is to get our engine in order. We’ll eventually head back to Herrington Harbor Marina where it’s easier for Richard to work on the engine. We do have a tentative itinerary to travel to Havre De Grace, MD and then to Chesapeake City, MD. Here’s to hoping my next post originates from one of those places or beyond.

Below–tell me you’re in Little Italy without telling me you’re in Little Italy.

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  1. Julie loved all the pictures. You bring your travels for us to experience. Did the boyfriend put the new sump pump in? I have installed ours. Pretty easy but looks like yours is harder to work on. Home Depot 100.00 for us. Pretty soon that boat will be in prime shape! All well here and have their second shots except for the six year olds and that 3 year old rascal Anna. Drs are going to burn out the small nerves at the base of the sacrum to stop the last bit of pain…..hopefully. safe travels cousins.


  2. BTW….do not attempt to buy a new appliance. Been looking for a Bosch 800 or better in black since January. Go back to work people! You can’t live off of that “free” money forever. It will stop.


  3. Is there a 5 hour time distance? I posted around 1:30 and it said 6:30 ?!? Just curious no big deal.


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