Session 37-Sylvan Beach, Lake Oneida, Home again

First things first. My captain mentioned that these posts might be getting a tad “wordy.” So I have decided to try out a condensed format with this post. A mini session, if you will. 

Sunday, July 18th at Sylvan Beach, NY turned out to be fun! We caught the tail end of Pirate Fest.

Sylvan Beach= vacation town on Lake Oneida that thrives in the summer with festivals and an amusement park.  We encountered all kinds of pirates enjoying the beach, the beautiful day, and some live music at the water’s edge. 

Therapy was tied up at a wall with no water or shore power but we survived it.

Played some skee ball, ate ice cream

Monday we sped across Lake Oneida to Winter Harbor Marina in Brewerton, NY.  During that short trip we detected a bit of a vibration. Pulled the boat out that very day to take a look at the propellors and check for damage. Propellors looked fine but the rudders looked…a little bent. We agreed to leave the boat as the locks ahead of us closed for an undisclosed amount of days/weeks due to flooding—again.

Our new friends Skip and Alison just happened to have a cabin on Lake Ontario just a 45ish minute drive from Winter Harbor. They graciously offered to host us for a couple of nights there as they were planning to leave their boat and spend a week there themselves. 

 We took them up on the offer and away we went. We left Therapy in very capable hands and even had a report the next day. They believed that they could bend the rudders back to their original state, replace rudder posts and and knock out a few minor maintenance projects. 

Enjoyed Fairhaven with Skip and Alison. Cool winery, beautiful views, great company 

Decided to head for home a week earlier than originally planned. Attended a wedding where we spent time with our son and great friends.

Fun fact: I don’t like the less chatty format. Look for more words next post.

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  1. More words please.


  2. I love your words 💕


  3. Oh No! It’s a Cliffhanger. Will our heroine and Captain make it through the swollen locks? Is the wine from New York wineries drinkable? Do the Niagara Falls come into play? Biting my fingernails…. Need… more….. words


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