Session 39=Wilson, Buffalo, Niagra Falls-Woo HOO-and Erie, PA

Due to Canada being open/not open/open but you have to test for covid/whatever other reasons—we had to hire a captain to take Therapy through the Welland canal which was a full day journey.  We spent a quick night in Wilson, NY and the captain met us there the next day. He stayed on our boat, loaned us his car and we took off towards Niagra Falls. 

 Captain Bill traversed the locks and got the boat through the Canadian border and back to the US while we spent our day at the falls—so massive and gorgeous! If I can manage to swing some mad technical skills and upload a video, you will be impressed. Otherwise, you’ll have to settle for the onslaught of beautiful photos.

Captain Bill met us at the dock wall in Buffalo where hung out for a couple of days awaiting a good weather opportunity to cross to Erie, PA. 

Docking along the Buffalo river we had access to their wonderful war memorial park as well as the coolest bike/walking trail we’ve encountered in awhile. 

We took a 3 minute ferry ride over to the trail with our new bikes and explored for a few miles. We came across some sculpture art, a set of hammocks and a movie set! Apparently someone is shooting a movie about Saint Cabrini here.

Two days before we left, we had a phone call from our great friends, Jim and Monique James. They were headed to the finger lakes and spending the night in Buffalo. They offered to pick us up and take us to dinner. It really is good to see familiar faces from time to time on this big adventure (it makes me less homesick). Anyway, a fun night was had by the four of us.

One must-see for loopers in Buffalo is the Anchor Bar which is the birthplace of Buffalo wings. We Ubered over, ordered some wings and watched football for the first time in way too long. Wings were good, but not spectacular.

Leaving Buffalo put us on the path across Lake Erie (that’s the 2nd Great Lake if you’re keeping count) on a cool, breezy, Saturday morning. I’ll say it again, I cannot believe how pleasant the temperatures have been here in the upper of NY. 

We docked in Erie, PA at the base of a few hotels with a handful of restaurants within easy walking distance. This put us about a half mile from Perry Square with a small farmers market and very close to incredible sunset views.

During dinner, we struck up a conversation with  a couple of sisters from Michigan. One of them was curious about our life on the boat as she had been exploring “living on a boat and traveling around this route.” She had joined the looper FB page and had all sorts of questions. We turned her on to this very blog and hope she gleans a bit of information that will be helpful. Hey Kristina and Stephanie! You made the post!

Our last day in Erie brought a visit from Tom’s cousins Jack, David and Nancy from Pittsburgh. It had been quite awhile since we had last seen them and we had some catching up to do. It was treat to see them despite the rain and we hope to see them again sooner rather than later.

Tom, Nancy, Dave and Jack Stroud

Next time: Cleveland, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and MORE!

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  1. We enjoyed our little visit…was it raining? It was good to see someone – a cousin, no less – doing one of those things that most people talk about but never do. Rock on, Garth! Smooth sailing! (Dave Stroud)


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