Session 43-Alpena & Mackinaw City, MI

On our way to Rogers City, MI we detoured into Alpena, yet another not-on-the-plan stop to avoid an oncoming storm. We weren’t the only vessels to do this that particular day and we were glad to be able to have a place to shelter.

We tied up, hunkered down and waited for the storm to pass. With winds at 30 knots and waves crashing over the breakwater wall, Alpena provided the protection we needed.

Alpena, MI population approximately 10,000 turned out to be a small town with amazing food. We went 4/4 with restaurant selection and found a cool 3-D fish mural.

Three nights there was enough time for the weather to calm down for our trek to Mackinaw City. This trip took 6 hours and so very close to great lake numero quatro. Just fyi, we will NOT venture into Lake Superior during this trip—not on purpose anyway.

Mackinaw City turned out to be a bit touristy and reminded us of downtown Branson. Tshirt shops, souvenir shops, ice cream shops and restaurants line a couple of streets here. Oh yes, and fudge is huge in Michigan. There are many, many fudge shops and many, many customers.

We happened to pull in the day before the annual antique tractor parade over Mackinaw Bridge. Why yes, I did say ”antique tractor parade.” There were pert near 1000 tractors that took part in the festivities and it happened to be sort of cool to watch.

Mackinaw City is where we were joined by two of our best travel buddies, Grant and Alison Hamel. They flew all the way in from CA to experience the Looper Lifestyle with us for a week. Stay tuned for Mackinaw Island and beyond.

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  1. What the fudge do you have against fudge?


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