Session 3-So far, so good

Our third day out and so far, so good. Yes, it has been cold but the river has been beautiful as evidenced by the photos.

The top two is where we docked the first night, Pebble Beach Marina, still technically on Kentucky Lake. We met two other Looper couples there. One couple lives in Sunrise Beach, Mo, and the other from Detroit. They were darn tired of the cold so we helped them commiserate over drinks. Cookie, from Sunrise Beach snapped the picture of our boat with the sun shining on the trees in the background. I mean, come on!

The other two pictures are just sights along the way. The bottom picture is the remains of a grain elevator, or so Tom tells me. We passed by lots of homes on bluffs and others on stilts. All in all very picturesque.

We spent last night at Clifton Marina in Clifton, TN. It was a small, small marina and we pulled in with an additional three Looper boats full of Canadians and more Michiganites. Guess what? They, TOO were tired of the cold. We figured they must be used to it. We helped them commiserate over drinks–do you see a theme here? It’s only day three.

We left them all behind and made it to Aqua Yacht Marina in Iuka, MS. Today was my first experience tying up inside a lock. No-one died so we’re going to give that another go tomorrow on our way to Bay Spring, MS. We are currently headed to dinner, where, I understand, there are more Loopers. They’re everywhere! I wonder if they’re tired of the cold? Cheers!

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  1. It gets warmer. Please let us know when you’re near. We’ll come find you. What an adventure!! Close the back door when you come down.

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  2. Looks beautiful. Glad you’re having fun!

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  3. Not a surprise that you are meeting people. Enjoy your adventure!

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  4. Sounds like a great time!! Beautiful pictures!!!

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