Session 4-People and more people.

So it’s been a few days and we have made it from Iuka, MS (11/16) to Demopolis, AL with a stop each night. Today was our longest day on the water at 116ish miles including three locks. We have locked through so many times now, I am feeling like an old pro despite a couple of missteps and various bruises.

We continue to be somewhat amazed at the number of boaters (not just Loopers) who we’ve met since day one at Green Turtle Bay. At last count, we have traveled with 10 boats down the river on different days. The picture below is the group of people we met and traveled with yesterday as well as our views of the river today. Of course, everyone has been just lovely including the locals in each location. There really isn’t any hospitality like Southern hospitality. I will listen to “Yes ma’am,” “Yes sir” and “Y’all have a safe trip” all day long–especially when I am being served that fantastic food.

As we pulled into Kingfisher Bay Marina in Demopolis tonight–you guessed it–we met more boaters headed south. There will be a total of nine boats shoving off at 0600. The goal tomorrow is to make it to Bobby’s Fish Camp in Silas, AL which should be a doable 98 miles. There is one water hook up, one electric hook up, no internet or cell reception and one small dock. I think that means we’re officially “off the grid” as they say. What Bobby’s does have is fried fish of all kinds. You have your choice of fried catfish, fried catfish nuggets, whole fried fish, chicken nuggets, cole slaw, fries, and pie.

I’ll wrap it up here for now. I’m having difficulty concentrating as the Chiefs are on and currently losing to the Chargers. Plus it’s been a long day and we have a 0530 alarm set. Go Chiefs!

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  1. Love you two!! Quite an adventure. Maybe when it is over you will love fish as much as your Mother and boyfriend do๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—


  2. Take a Pic of the tie up at Bobby’s, we had it all to ourselves this spring.


  3. So awesome!! Thanks for letting us tag along with your โ€œsessionsโ€!!! Seems like a freaking great time for you and the boyfriend!! Love ya!!!


  4. keep us posted on progress, we’d love to catch back up at the Virginia gathering again or at least whenever you get into the Chesapeake Bay. John & Robin Halstead


  5. Love being able to come along for the ride! The pictures are beautiful, sounds like you are in good company! Enjoy! โค๏ธ


  6. Wow you guys are non-stop. Sounds fun and exciting! Keep posting!


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