Session 26 -Mullen Cousins, Irvington, Cambridge

One of the best aspects of traveling is meeting new people. We’ve met some fun people and some not-as-fun people, but Josie definitely fits in the “fun” category. 

Josie is a cousin on the Mullen side and has been turned onto the blog by Tom’s brother, Bill, who has been digging into the family tree for some time. He told us that there was a Mullen cousin here in the Chesapeake and hooked us up.

Josie is familiar with The Tides Inn where we were docked and came down on Friday (Sept. 11). We were very impressed with The Tides Inn. It is a first class resort with spectacular views from every vantage point. 

That evening we had dinner at the resort restaurant and then drove back to her house for some dessert. We met her sweet puppy Katie and did some reminiscing at her lovely home. She brought us back to the boat and we made plans to go out on the town the next day.

She chauffered us around the beautiful parts of Irvington, Weems, Kilmarnock and Reedsville. I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting from Virginia, but it is just gorgeous! Every road we traveled was lined with huge evergreen trees and almost every road led to the water. 

Josie treated us to lunch and then dropped us at the grocery store for a few items. She took us back to the boat for a nap then picked us back up for dinner that evening. She was such a gracious host and we hope to meet back up with her upon our return next Spring. 

Sunday, September 13, was a travel day to Solomon’s Island—not to be confused with The Solomon Islands in the South Pacific. Solomon’s Island is in Maryland up the Patuxent River which branches off the Chesapeake Bay. Founded by Isaac Solmon in 1865. This was the first trip in quite awhile where the breeze was cool enough to require a light jacket.  We stayed there for two nights without doing much exploring. I’ll just say this about Solomon’s island—lots of crab on the menus, several marinas with mostly sail boats, and, apparently, very deep water in the Patuxent River.

We left for Cambridge, Maryland on an even cooler day Tuesday. We awoke to temps in the high 50s. Ahhhhhh-Fall! We found a local brewery, Ava’s pizzeria, and finally had some ice cream (just me this time).

Cambridge is a great little historic town featuring  a beautiful Harriet Tubman statue in the spot where she rescued her niece and two children from slavery and a stunning mural painted on the back wall of the Harriet Tubman museum (closed for now).  

The church pictured is Christ Church whose parish dates back to 1692. The literature tells me there is a Tiffany altar window. Im not sure if it is the one pictured but it sure is beautiful. 

There were some old, old graves in the adjacent cemetery. It contains several revolutionary war patriots, five governors of Maryland and a couple dating back to the late 1600s. I noticed crocus growing in a few places. Those usually pop out in Spring back home. 

Again, you’ll notice my fascination with very old homes and buildings. My favorite in this town just happened to be the local funeral home. Tom and I used the marina’s courtesy bikes to shuttle ourselves around town. We even mad e a trip to the liquor store for provisions.

The temps are still hovering around the high 70’s and low 60’s here and sunset happens earlier and earlier. Since fall is upon us, I decided that we needed a bit of fall Therapy and purchased some baby pumpkins. 

Happy Fall Y’all!

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  1. Love Cambridge!! I too love the Funeral Home and the Churches! The downtown is great! You did a good job sissy. Love you two!


  2. Beautiful pics! When will you head home?


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