Session 27-St. Michaels and old friends

We checked into St. Michaels on Thursday, September 16 under very calm seas. We were met by our newest friends from Baboo and Island Moon and were able to have dinner with them in town that evening.

Friday, after a day of grocery shopping, cleaning and exploring St. Michaels, we welcomed Tom’s college roommate Dave and his wife Nell for the weekend.

We had planned to take the boat out but the wind had other ideas. It blew pretty steadily anywhere from 15-20 knots and kept us bouncing around in our spot at the dock all day and night. The weather has changed on a dime. We went from hot and humid (still down an AC unit) to 60’s, sunny and windy. I am enjoying the heck out of it. 

We opted to have lunch in town on Saturday and take in the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum which was a very short walk from our marina. We took lots of pictures of cute historic homes and a couple of pictures of the Inn at Perry Cabin where the Wedding Crashers reception scene was filmed.

It has been awhile since we were able to walk through a museum and the Maritime Museum did not disappoint. Below are a few pictures.

Note:  I love museum gift stores. One can find the most unique and fun items there. Here are my two finds:  A water activated luminary which I found at the Ringling Museum and a star fish pillow which I found at the Maritime Museum. 

Sunday was a late breakfast and football kind of day. We enjoyed a long hearty breakfast with Dave and Nell and bid them adieu. We hope to see them again upon our return next Spring.

Since it was so chilly, I decided to make some semi-home made chicken noodle soup. Canned chicken,  chicken broth, macaroni, onion flakes, dried garlic and a few chives later—voila!

We went to bed Sunday night ready to head out again on Monday, but Mother Nature had other plans. The wind was rather persistent in its fierceness so we opted to stay in St. Michaels another day. This gave me a chance to take a good long walk on a brisk, sunny Monday morning. I was able to sneak over to the Inn at Perry Cabin to get a few nature shots.

We left St. Michael’s on Tuesday, the first day of Fall on a fantastic, cool, sunny, calm day. I hated to leave and can see coming back here next Spring.

We mapped a course to Rock Hall, MD, where things got, well, a little rocky. Stay tuned.

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  1. The beautiful windows are still in that old church! Love hearing your adventures and miss you.🙂


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