Session 2-Winter is Coming

Today’s lesson is probably the most important of them all– The weather is your best ally or worst foe. That’s the reason all the seasoned loopers advised us to be flexible with travel times–Mother Nature. She’s a dandy, that one.

We made it to Green Turtle Bay last night after driving five hours in sleet, snow, and rain. While the driving wasn’t bad, unloading the vehicle was interesting. Nevertheless, we unloaded, unpacked and are finishing some last minute projects around the boat.

it’s supposed to stay cold (freezing) another day so we’ll hang out one more night then take off Wednesday. The high temp tomorrow here will be a balmy 41 degrees. Cold and snow aren’t really in my agenda as the boyfriend keeps promising “t-shirts, shorts, and swimsuit weather.” It’s 25 degrees as I write this.

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  1. Oh wow and snow😳😳 hope you get to warmer weather very soon!! 🛥🛥


  2. Do you think the boyfriend is banking bevause it is vold you will want to snuggle!?


  3. Is the boat heated? Do you have your long johns?


  4. That’s not what I pictured “boating weather” to look like!


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